December 22, 2020By Elisabeth Mcgee

Virtual Simulation @ USAHS: Using Innovative Approaches to Create Interprofessional Experiences

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Presentation Details

January 20, 2021 at 9:00 AM, Pacific Coast Time Zone

Presented by: Elisabeth Mcgee PhD, DPT, MOT, CHSE

Presentation Abstract

In this virtual session, participants learn about the Center for Innovative Clinical Practice (CICP) and how we are delivering our interprofessional virtual simulation program. We will provide an overview and examples of how to create an interprofessional virtual simulation using simulation gaming technology, tele-simulation with standardized patients, virtual escape rooms, and 360 virtual clinical environments. We will discuss virtual simulation pedagogy, scenario development, facilitation, and debriefing. Innovative and evidence-based strategies and technologies will be discussed that advance virtual simulation education.

Type of Offering: Webinar
Teaching Method: Lecture with Slide Presentation

Learning Objectives

  1. Discover how to implement a virtual simulation program.
  2. Explore how to use innovative technologies to create interactive IPE simulation experiences.
  3. Discover how to grow your Standardized Patient program in a virtual and tele-health environment.

Suggested Learner Level: Intermediate

Presenter Biography

Elisabeth Mcgee PhD, DPT, MOT, CHSE
Director of Simulation Education and CICP Operations
University of St. Augustine for Health Sciences

Dr. Elisabeth McGee began her career as a physical and occupational therapist. She joined USAHS in 2005 and is based on the Saint Augustine, FL campus. She currently serves as Manager of Simulation Education and CICP Operations. She has experience in simulation, educational technology, academia, and clinical practice. She served as the Vice Chair for the Florida Healthcare Simulation Alliance Affinity Group through the Society for Simulation in Healthcare. She has served on several university committees including the Innovation Steering Committee, Transformational Steering Committee, the Faculty Development Committee, and the Technology Steering Committee. She has participated in key educational technology initiatives that revolve around effective simulated learning environments, online learning platforms, educational technology pilot processes, 3D printing, robotics, and virtual reality. She completed her PhD in Educational Technology which has a strong focus in simulated learning, innovation, and multimedia learning.



Category: Education
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