October 15, 2020By Eric B. Bauman

Objective Based Design & Narrative for Virtual Clinical Simulation: Pearls and Perils

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Presentation Details

November 16, 2020 at 12:00 PM, Pacific Coast Time Zone

Presented by: Eric B. Bauman PhD, FSSH, RN

Presentation Abstract

This webinar will be presented by experts in simulation, distance education and virtual reality. The presenters will challenge learners conceptualization of what best-practices in virtual learning should look like in the context of the health professions simulation experience. The webinar will include a presentation focusing on contemporary pedagogy specific to digital educational solutions and proceed with a panel discussion by award winning distance learning and digital educational designers. Participants will be encouraged to engage the webinar presenters during a concluding question and answer session.

Duration (Hours): 1
Type of Offering: Webinar
Teaching Method: Lecture with Slide Presentation

Learning Objectives

  1. Review opportunities for incorporating VR/AR & game-based solutions into Health Professions training
  2. Review frameworks that support VR/AR & game-based teaching andlearning in the context of virtual education
  3. Discuss pearls and pitfalls of the virtual teaching and learning paradigm specific to simulation

Suggested Learner Level: Intermediate

Presenter Biography

Eric B. Bauman PhD, FSSH, RN
Founder & Managing Member
Clinical Playground LLC

Dr. Eric B. Bauman is an award-winning educational designer, author, and proven innovation executive who promotes collaboration and discussion about simulation and game-based technology for education in the age of tools like virtual and augmented reality. Dr. Bauman is a proven executive producer, conference and workshop speaker and facilitator. He has been been invited to present and/or facilitate well over 100 national and international venues, including: The National Academies of Sciences, Engineering, and Medicine and The White House. In addition, Dr. Bauman has authored or co-authored over 30 peer-reviewed and invited manuscripts and book chapters, and supported various grants related to simulation and technology for health professions education.

Additional Presenters: Penny Ralston-Berg, MS, Jon Brouchoud, M Arch


Dr. Eric B. Bauman is Founder and Managing Member of Clinical Playground LLC; Jon Brouchoud is Owner and Founder of Arch Virtual; Penny Ralston-Berg is a senior Educational Designer at Penn State World and Owner of Berg Instructional Design and Consulting Services

Category: Education
Tags: AR, augmented reality, clinical simulation, distance education, games-based learning, Health Professions, Medical Education, new, nursing simulation, remote learning, virtual patients, virtual reality, virtual simulation, vr