August 21, 2020By Amar Patel

Using AI and Augmented & Mixed Reality to Enhance Training Experiences

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Presentation Details

March 18, 2020 at 2:00 PM, Pacific Coast Time Zone

Presented by: Amar Patel DHSc, MS, NRP, CHSE, FSSH

Presentation Abstract

Artificial intelligence (AI), mixed reality (MR), and augmented mixed reality (AMR), have become a hot topic across multiple industries worldwide. Yet, educational programs are still grappling with how to integrate and utilize it, and educators are faced with creating and distributing content in a unique and relational format. We are now beginning to see how AI is reshaping the development and outcomes of the education process. While MR and AMR are reshaping the delivery methods and experiences of high impact content. Today, AI, MR, and AMR are perfectly positioned to enhance training experiences that drive competency forward. Complete this short survey to watch the recorded webinar now!

Duration (Hours): 1
Type of Offering: Webinar
Teaching Method: Lecture with Slide Presentation

Learning Objectives

  1. Define key concepts that contribute to enhancing the training experience.
  2. Discuss solution that can make an immediate impact.
  3. Describe ways AI, AMR, and MR can be utilized in the current environment.

Suggested Learner Level: Intermediate

Presenter Biography

Amar Patel DHSc, MS, NRP, CHSE, FSSH
Chief Learning Officer
CAE Healthcare

Amar Patel is a clinician, researcher, and renowned educator with a Doctorate in Health Science from Nova Southeastern University in Fort Lauderdale, Florida, and a Master of Science in Emergency Health Services Education from the University of Maryland Baltimore County. He currently serves as chief learning officer at CAE Healthcare.

Founder and past chair of the North Carolina Simulation Collaborative, Dr. Patel is a simulation expert and much-published key opinion leader with 60+ abstracts, articles and textbook chapter publications to date. With a professional history that includes stints as a firefighter, paramedic, educator, researcher, and curriculum developer. Dr. Patel maintains over 17 certifications and is currently involved in several healthcare quality committees.

Dr. Patel has most recently held the position of executive director of WakeMed Innovations at WakeMed Health & Hospitals, having been responsible for healthcare innovation, idea generation, innovation investments, technology-based educational programs (such as patient simulation and online learning), and simulation-based research.


I am employee of CAE Healthcare with vested interested in the organization.

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