August 17, 2020By Deb Tauber

Psychological Safety in Prebriefing: What’s the RISK?

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Presentation Details

September 8, 2020 at 2:00 PM, Pacific Coast Time Zone

Presented by: Deb Tauber MSN, RN, CHSE, CEN

Presentation Abstract

What is the risk when ignoring psychological safety in prebriefing?

The concept of stress can be very mystifying as stress can affect everyone differently. In the simulation environment no one task has been shown to add to cognitive work effort or a person’s overall stress level. Some amount of stress in the clinical environment can be beneficial, but too much can be overwhelming, and can impair one’s ability to perform and overall psychological safety.

There is limited information on the use of formal checklists for pre-simulation experiences. However, there is evidence to support the value of formal checklists in healthcare and aviation.

Promoting the utilization of formal checklists for pre-briefing in simulation holds great promise for the future. Learners in simulation need to be challenged to develop critical thinking skills in a safe environment. For the novice, it is recognized there can be some benefit for allowing repeat simulation experiences so that students can learn to manage their stress levels while mastering key concepts. However, the numbers of participants and constraints of the different simulation centers may not allow repeat simulation activities. Integrating a methodical simulation checklist at the time of the prebriefing can allow the facilitator to prepare the learners or participants about the planned simulation activity. With more knowledge about the expected learning outcomes of the simulation, learners are more likely to learn new content with less stress or anxiety. Some amount of stress can be inherent, however, as medication usage, age, personality tendencies, and genetics can all have an impact on how participants may react to stress at any given time.

Incorporating a checklist in the planning and preparation of the simulation day can help to ease stress levels and allow participants to have a better experiential learning experience. The checklist likely includes expectations in the center, discussion about a fiction contract, safe communication, and an overview of the simulation environment.

Duration (Hours): 1
Type of Offering: Webinar
Teaching Method: Lecture with Slide Presentation

Learning Objectives

  1. Discuss the value of prebriefing and how it can improve psychological safety for learners in simulation
  2. Review the essential components needed to create a comprehensive prebriefing checklist to ensure quality during prebriefing
  3. Customize a prebriefing checklist that is suitable for attendee’s home institution

Suggested Learner Level: Intermediate

Presenter Biography

Deb Tauber MSN, RN, CHSE, CEN
Innovative SimSolutions

Deb Tauber has many years of nursing and healthcare experience with a wide variety of both clinical and academic opportunities throughout the United States. The majority of clinical experience has been in the Emergency Department with a special focus on pediatrics, geriatrics, special needs groups and team building. The Vision of Innovative SimSolutions is to provide Safe healthcare for patients and providers. Deb is passionate about using simulation as a means to transform healthcare through expanding the art and science behind simulation. Deb remains ardent about sharing this message and helping others to recognize the value simulation training can provide to individuals, teams in healthcare organizations.


MSN, Executive Leadership, Chamberlain College of Nursing, Downers Grove, IL – 2014
BSN, Marcella Niehoff School of Nursing, Loyola University, Chicago, IL – 1983

Professional Experience

6/2017 – Present Founder/CEO
Innovative SimSolutions LLC

Deb oversees the company, provides mission, vision and leadership for Innovative SimSolutions. She Provides operational oversight of projects and works directly with clients to meet their goals and objectives. She also directs Innovative SimSolutions team on projects from clients and works directly with clients to select development, and deployment of equipment, curricula, services, facilities, research activities as mutually determined.


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