February 2, 2021By Arielle Cartmill

Creating Online Simulation Using Laerdal’s LLEAP and Zoom

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Presentation Details

March 9, 2021 at 2:00 PM, Pacific Coast Time Zone

Presented by: Arielle Cartmill n/a

Presentation Abstract

The year 2020 marks a time in clinical healthcare that will never be forgotten. With hope, 2021 presents new opportunities and a journey to recovery. For clinical education, our job never ends. While other fields of work may be on pause, ours is not. In March or 2020, my team identified that delivering education despite the pandemic, social distancing, and a temporary closure of our simulation centre could not hold us back from assisting crucial departments in delivering simulation. With the help and influence of many teams across the hospital, we have developed comprehensive, accessible, and successful online simulations with the use of LLEAP and Zoom.

This webinar will be focused on how to transform an in-person simulation into a virtual simulation while breaking through the barriers of lack of funding, social distancing, and other Covid-19 related issues with an emphasis on objectives; film and edit content for scenarios with the use of a mobile phone, DJI OM4 gimble, and iMovie; programming media into LLEAP to develop virtual simulation scenarios; integrating LLEAP into zoom and running a ‘Zoom Virtual Simulation’ from start to finish with focus around the pre-brief, simulation, and debrief elements.

I will also cover how to create and deliver a hybrid simulation where a centre may be delivering in-person simulations but need them to be accessible remotely for off-site learners. This will incorporate several advanced A/V hacks and integration with zoom.

Type of Offering: Webinar
Teaching Method: Lecture with Slide Presentation

Learning Objectives

  1. Transform an in-person scenario into a virtual scenario.
  2. Become familiar with various filming, editing, and programming techniques.
  3. Execute a successful virtual simulation via zoom.

Suggested Learner Level: Advanced

Presenter Biography

Arielle Cartmill n/a
Simulation Technologist
The Royal Children’s Hospital

I am a Simulation Technologist at the Royal Children’s Hospital in Melbourne, Australia. I bring over 8 years of simulation technology experience. My current role assists the planning, staging and execution of simulation as well as maintaining and repairing equipment. I manage complex integration and redevelopment projects to constantly keep the centre operating at the forefront of technology. My interests in simulation also expand into the psychology behind debriefing and psychological safety of interacting with technology. My role has been paramount in developing virtual simulation with the use of Zoom and LLEAP but is not limited to these two platforms.

Since 2012, I have studied Computer Electronic Engineering and worked for notable leaders in simulation such as Laerdal Medical, Cedars Sinai, and UCLA Medical. I obtained a CHSOS (Certified Healthcare Simulation Operations Specialist) certification in 2015. I am a certified Digital Wellness coach and deliver online webinars to bridge the gap between electronics and wellbeing.


This webinar will include terminology that is accessible for beginners but may move at a faster rate than some beginners may find comfortable. I will plan for a Q&A and provide follow up contact information for people who need more information.

Category: Technical
Tags: design, laerdal, lleap, online, programming, scenario, scenario design, simulation, technology, telesim, telesimulation, upcoming, virtual, zoom