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May 23, 2019

Project Hospital is the “Sim City” of Hospital Simulation Games

Recently Ian Boudreau of Vice wrote about his experience playing Project Hospital with his father, an emergency medicine physician who ran ERs for years. Project Hospital is a serious management simulation that wants to realistically show players something about how hospitals work, and so today we take a closer look at the game, Ian and [...]

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July 29, 2015

Sim Tech Featured in Vice Magazine “I Create Fake Medical Crises for a Living”

Recently Dave Matney, Simulation Technology Specialist at University of Utah Health Sciences wrote an article entitled “I Create Fake Medical Crises for a Living” which was featured on – a print magazine and website focused on arts, culture, and news topics. Founded in 1994 in Montreal, Quebec, Canada, the magazine later expanded into Vice Media, which [...]

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