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December 14, 2018

Healthcare Simulation News Updates From Around the World – December 2018

Each month we take a look at the latest healthcare simulation news from programs and companies from around the world, to highlight the continued growth of this emerging professional industry. From new Sim Centers and grant purchases, to IPE simulation and Military training engagements, and from new startups to new product innovations — this is [...]

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November 22, 2018

Healthcare Simulation News From Around the World – November 2018

Happy Thanksgiving to US-based Simulation Champions! And for our international readers, we are so very thankful for you as well! Every month HealthySim shares the latest Healthcare Simulation news from around the world, showcasing the best developments from our industry. Have your own stories to share? Submit an article and we’ll share it next time [...]

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May 21, 2018

Latest News From Healthcare Simulation Programs Around the World – May 2018 Edition

Sim Champs every month we scan the “Simulation Universe” to bring you the latest updates from Clinical Simulation programs around the world. Today we bring you news of programs sharing new endeavors, new simulators, new ways of utilizing simulation, games based learning opportunities, debriefing lessons, military help and more. Got News to Share? Submit Your [...]

May 15, 2011

Extra! Read all about it with Medical Simulation Newsletters!

Medical Simulation Newsletters are where it’s at!  I receive a lot of great information easily from various sources by signing up for healthcare simulation related newsletters.

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Newsletters, like the one on, are a great way to receive a monthly update with all the [...]

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