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November 14, 2017

The Kobayashi Maru – Lessons on Simulation from Star Trek

In the lore of science fiction, the story of the Kobayashi Maru stands out from the Star Trek universe. The simulation scenario, which comprises the opening scenes of the 1982 Star Trek II movie, places the trainee in command of a Federation Starship whose objective is to rescue the crew of the civilian starship Kobayashi [...]

January 31, 2014

Sim Techs 'Boldly Go' to SimGHOSTS Star Trek Themed Booth at IMSH 2014

At IMSH this past week, hundreds of Sim Techies and Star Trekkies who visited the SimGHOSTS booth at IMSH 2014 got to “boldly go where they had never been (sitting) before” — in the actual Command chairs from the Star Trek The Next Generation Set! Dawning command red, engineering yellow, or science blue [...]

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