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March 4, 2019

SpaceX Tests Crew Dragon Spacecraft with Simulated Manikin Named “Ripley”

Fans of “Aliens” will be in on the joke, as “Ripley” is the name of the the name of the space-suited manikin aboard SpaceX’s Crew Dragon that launched Saturday, a hat tip to Ellen Ripley, the heroine of the sci-fi movie series. CNN and other news agencies reported this weekend on how Ripley’s not just [...]

July 21, 2015

Surgical Team Simulates Zero-Gravity Surgery

Recently on a story was shared on a “Healthcare Team Simulates Zero-G Surgery” utilizing the Cut Suit and a special research jet. Fascinating to think of the additional problems that need to be worked out in space, that only a special simulated environment can even begin to mimic.

Article Excerpt: “Surgery on Earth is [...]

April 27, 2011

Free EMS Webinar: "Transforming Sim Space"

Hey Sim Champs! A few weeks ago I joined EMS for their free webinar series and learned a great deal.  I am happy to share the next webinar is taking place next week!  Read the rest of this article to join EMS for this FREE Webinar!

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