March 30, 2016

Healthcare Simulation South Carolina Collaborative Resources – IMSH 2016 Interview

Today we continue our interviews from IMSH 2016 with this video highlighting Healthcare Simulation South Carolina – which is a collaborative of institutions from across both Carolinas and Alabama. HCSSC has a huge number of downloadable scenarios from Laerdal’s SimStore (over 2,500), and a number of other simulation resources like methodology [...]

December 2, 2015

Medical Simulation Firing on All Cylinders: A Podcast Interview with Dr. John Schaefer – Part 1

Recently on Modern Outcomes, a new medical simulation resource website by Medtech Marketer Matthew Stoltz, there was a podcast interview with Dr. John Schaefer. John is an anesthesiologist, the Director of the MUSC Simulation Center, the director of Healthcare Simulation SC, and the Lewis Blackman Endowed Chair for Clinical Effectiveness and Patient Safety at MUSC.  Listen [...]

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