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March 16, 2018

EMS SimulationIQ 赞助 SimGHOSTS 联合举办“黑客马拉松”大赛 ——附获奖者采访视频



美国 SimGHOSTS 2017年会上,EMS SimulationIQ 赞助举办第一个“黑客马拉松”比赛。在长达八个小时的会前工作坊中,三队小组比赛开发项目,以解决行业内大问题。他们利用 3D 打印、普通计算机、Arduino 计算机、化妆材料等其他技术系统,开发出自己的特色产品,解决了很多医学模拟关键问题。EMS(Education Management Solutions)的行业代表、SimGHOSTS 高层、3D 打印技术专家、临床导师、程序员、生物工程师、技术专家等,以特别的方式齐聚一堂。SimGHOSTS 2017年年会由 Amar Patel 博士和他在北卡罗莱纳州罗利的 WakeMed 创新学习中心团队联合主持。仅四天时间,年会就吸引了全球200位医学模拟专家,17个供应商,前来参加医疗模拟技术操作实践培训。

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August 30, 2017

Simulation’s First SimGHOSTS Based HACKATHON Sponsored by EMS SimulationIQ — Winner’s Video Interview

The “CricKids” Show Off Their Winning SG17USA EMS Hackathon Project

At SimGHOSTS 2017 USA, EMS SimulationIQ sponsored an industry first: The first organizational HACKATHON! During the eight hour pre-conference workshop, three teams competed to build a project which solved an industry wide issue. 3D printers, Arduino computers, moulage materials, computers, and other technology systems [...]

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