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May 10, 2017

DiaMedical USA Partners with SimUSuit to Offer Bariatric Patient Simulation | IMSH Video Interview

During IMSH 2017 was on hand to learn more about the Bariatric trainers created by Sim-U-Suit and distributed by DiaMedical.

The Adult Full Body Sim-U-Suit was created to enhance simulations for the future generation of doctors and nurses to properly prepare for the bariatric patient! The Full Body Sim U Suit is the ONLY full [...]

May 30, 2013

Obesity Suits and Edema Legs For Manikins or Standardized Patients

Creating an immersive learning environment provides your learners the greatest opportunity to connect, prepare and train for realistic patient engagements. Adding moulage, the right medical props, actors, and background noise can all add up to great more realistic healthcare environments.  Obesity suits can also help to prepare healthcare providers with the opportunity to work through [...]

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