March 12, 2018

您可以在 NCCMMS 和 ACS 网站上搜索近25万篇医学模拟文章


美国东弗吉尼亚州医学院的医学模拟沉浸式实训中心(SCSIL,The Sentara Center for Simulation and Immersive Learning)校长 Bob Armstrong 兼任美国国家医学建模与模拟合作中心(NCCMMS)研究、业务发展总监。最近他给我们分享了一些医学模拟新信息。同美国外科医师学院(ACS)一道,NCCMMS 建立了一个医学建模和模拟数据库,该数据库拥有超过245,976篇免费的文章。


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December 13, 2017

Search Almost 250,000 Medical Simulation Articles Through NCCMMS & ACS

Bob Armstrong, Director of the SCSIL Eastern Virginia Medical School Norfolk VA is also the Director of Research & Business Development for  the National Center for Collaboration in Medical Modeling and Simulation, aka NCCMMS. Recently he shared some great news for healthcare simulation champions! Together with the American College of Surgeons (ACS), NCCMMS has put together [...]

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