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March 15, 2018



科维集团(Wolters Kluwer)官网推出系列护理教学视频,供护理教育者观看学习。这些视频汇聚模拟教学精华,采用了目前最先进的虚拟现实技术。比如 Cynthia L. Foronda 主讲的”护理教学新兴技术:虚拟护理教育“。

Cynthia L. Foronda 女士是美国国家护理联盟护理教育者协会会员(ANEF)、博士、注册护士、注册护理教育者(CNE)。增强现实和虚拟模拟技术正在护理教育领域蓬勃发展。科学技术能提高学习成果、吸引学生兴趣、变革护理教学。网站上的视频和文章介绍了最新产品和护理教育工作者必知的新兴教学系统。遗憾的是,本网站不能直接引用这些视频。您可以登录科威官网,获取更多其他相关视频。可参照下表:

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November 7, 2017

Wolters Kluwer Presents Helpful Nurse Educator Video Series Highlighting Simulation Use

The Wolters Kluwer website features a great video series for Nurse Educators, with a fantastic rundown of simulation based learning technologies provided on “Virtually Nursing: Emerging Technologies in Nursing Education” by Cynthia L. Foronda, PhD, RN, CNE, ANEF. Augmented reality and virtual simulation technologies in nursing education are burgeoning. Technologies present opportunities to improve teaching efforts, [...]

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