December 19, 2016

HealthySimulation Now Hosts Largest Medical Simulation LinkedIn Group in the World

Recently HealthySim’s Medical Simulation LinkedIn Group crossed 3,000 subscribers — becoming the largest in the world! Our daily articles are posted there along with many others from simulation champions such as yourself who also comment an start discussions. Those interested in daily medical simulation updates on top of our free monthly email newsletter, can [...]

December 16, 2015

New Mobile App ‘Serious Games’ Help Train Surgeons

Yesterday we covered how useful a LinkedIn account is for finding medical simulation resources, which you can read about here. Today another fascinating article popped up on our feed regarding two new games that are designed to improve the performance of Surgeons!

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December 15, 2015

Are you on LinkedIn Sim Champ? You Should Be!

Sim Champs there’s lots of great medical simulation content on Linkedin, which continues to grow as the world’s leading “facebook” for professionals. Not only can you create an easily sharable resume to interested parties but you can also network and gather resources from the international community. Start by joining the HealthySim Linkedin Group! Previously [...]

June 19, 2015

HealthySim LinkedIn Group Crosses 2,500 Members – Join Today To Connect With Global Healthcare Simulation Peers!

Hey HealthySim Reader! Just wanted to share that our LinkedIn group just crossed 2,500 members this week, allowing for dynamic conversations between medical simulation champions from around the world. Share your simulation successes and ask questions of the community by connecting today. Through that group you can also sign up there for a [...]

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