July 1, 2017

Global Network for Simulation Healthcare Annual Summit Meeting Brings Together Industry Leadership in Munich

This week in Munich, Germany over 50 individuals representing more than 30 international organizations and 12 global corporate vendors came together for an annual summit to discuss and strategize for the improvement of the healthcare simulation industry. Member organizations included leading groups such as INACSL, SSH, IPSS, ASPiH, NPSF, NLN, SESAM, and [...]

September 23, 2016

Virtual and Augmented Reality Market To Reach $162 billion by 2020

Sim Champs before you know it AR and VR technologies will become a mandatory part of our healthcare educational programs. The opportunities to learn and train in high-cost risk-heavy environments in a safe and affordable manner will continue to expand through advanced learning technologies like augmented and virtual reality. HealthySim will continue to report [...]

January 5, 2015

Heading to IMSH in New Orleans Next Week? Things We Can't Wait to See!

Are you attending the world’s largest medical simulation conference next week in New Orleans? HealthySimulation.com will be there to capture all the latest news! Follow @HealthySim and #IMSH2015 on twitter to stay connected! We can’t wait to see these things in particular:

Spectrum of Innovation Showcase Tuesday 3Pm-6PM – The Spectrum of Innovation [...]
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