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March 15, 2018

Arch Virtual 公司与 Envision 合作,成为通用医疗集团开发伙伴


刚刚收到 Arch Virtual 公司消息,他们的新项目与“全球青年领袖峰会”合作,让学生先在医疗领域实践,然后再开始首次虚拟现实技术体验!Arch Virtual 公司把业务拓展到医学领域,引起了通用医疗集团的注意!


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August 16, 2017

Arch Virtual Partners with Envision to Provide Prospective Medical Students With Realistic Experiences, Becomes Official VR Developer for GE Healthcare

Just received word from Arch Virtual about their new project with Envision EMI, which provides a way for students to be practicing the field of healthcare before they take their first course with a VR experience! Arch Virtual expanding its business opportunities in healthcare, and with a quality that caught the attention of GE Healthcare! [...]

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