June 10, 2014

SimIS Demos Next Gen CPR Trainer "AIMS"

Now you can learn CPR with AIMS: Automated Intelligent Mentoring Instructor from SimIS. At IMSH 2014 HealthySim was on hand to interview SimIS about their state-of-the-art CPR training technology, which uses the Microsoft Kinect to provide real-time body mechanics analysis for better assessment. Learn how it works by watching our video interview below:

March 25, 2011

Are YOU attending the AIMS Conference?

Hey Sim Champs!

Unfortunately I am not able to attend this years “Advocating Healthcare Simulation for America” meeting in Washington D.C. this year. I would really have liked to have participated. Are you planning on attending?  I am sure the HealthySimulation.com community would love to hear about YOUR experience!

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