September 30, 2013

Free Recorded Webinar: How to Get a Sim Tech Job

Are you or someone you know looking to become a Simulation Technology Specialist (or Sim Tech for short)? Join Lance Baily tomorrow morning at 9AM Pacific on GOTO Meeting to learn the fastest and most efficient ways to become a professional Sim Tech. Lance has not only been hired by multiple institutions as [...]

November 6, 2011

Over 500 subscribers to HealthySim!

Wow! Today I received an email that our 500th subscriber signed up for the FREE newsletter!  Im happy to say that folks from around the world are taking advantage of this amazing resource – from San Jose, CA to Abu Dhabi, UAE and beyond!

Each month, the newsletter brings you all the best articles and [...]


May 15, 2011

Extra! Read all about it with Medical Simulation Newsletters!

Medical Simulation Newsletters are where it’s at!  I receive a lot of great information easily from various sources by signing up for healthcare simulation related newsletters.

Newsletters, like the one on, are a great way to receive a monthly update with all the “best of” information from a company, organization, or resource center.

In [...]

April 9, 2011

Why you should hire Medical Simulation Design

*Medical Simulation Design has now closed its doors, you can now reach Jane through or you can email Kristy here*

Medical Simulation Design may very well have been the best-kept secret in the Healthcare Simulation industry.  Jane Kleinman and Kristy Chambers have traveled the world developing simulation programs from Kaiser Permanente in San Jose to Cleveland [...]

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