January 20, 2015

Free EMS Webinar Next Wed: Training Simulated or Standardized Patients for Role Portrayal

Another great webinar from EMS, this time on the acting

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Presented by: Debra Nestel, PhD, FAcadMEd, CHSE-A Professor of Simulation Education in Healthcare School of Rural Health, HealthPEER – Faculty of Medicine, Nursing and Health Sciences – Monash University, Victoria, Australia

Abstract: High quality simulated or standardized patient (SP) work requires training for role portrayal and [...]

April 24, 2014

Free Webinar May 7th: Nursing & Theatre Department Collaborative Simulations

Last week I mentioned that SimulationIQ from Education Management Solutions had a great database of medical simulation whitepapers and recorded webinars. Learn all about the EMS database of clinical simulation content here. I just received word that the next free online webinar is taking place May 7th and is entitled [...]

September 21, 2011

Be a Star and Shine with Laerdal's SUNShine Contest!

Hey Simmers! Laerdal reached out to HealthySim to let us know about a fun contest they are running for the 2011 PALM BEACH SUN Conference (Oct. 11th-13th)! You can WIN BIG by putting those simulation acting skills to good use by submitting a video today!


Laerdal is running a live simulation scenario for the [...]

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