March 16, 2018


感谢天堰科技提供中文译文 TEST

各位同仁,新年快乐!本文总结一下2016年最受欢迎的51篇文章。 自2010年 成立以来,时至今日,我们每年都会总结过去一年中最受欢迎的文章。您知道吗,自2010年以来,HealthySim 已经发表了近100万篇文章,吸引了35万余名访客。谢谢您对我们这一免费的医学模拟资源网站的支持!

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January 4, 2017

Top 51 Medical Simulation Posts of 2016!

The most read medical simulation articles of 2016. Happy New Years Medical Simulation Champions! Today, as we have every year since launching in 2010 we are sharing the most read healthcare simulation posts of the past year. Did you know that since 2010 HealthySim has provided almost 1,000,000 article displays to more than 350,000 [...]

August 17, 2016

Top 9 Most Read Healthcare Simulation Articles from Summer 2016

Sim Champs do you subscribe to our free monthly healthcare simulation email newsletter? If so you may have seen these awesome articles which are the Top 9 most read medical simulation from Summer 2016! We’re highlighting the ones that have read, shared, and clicked the most so far — as we are sure they will [...]

June 27, 2016

7th Annual ASPiH UK Simulation Conference Opens Registration!

Registration is now open for the 2016 Association for Simulated Practice in Healthcare (ASPiH) UK meeting! This is the 7th annual event from the innovative leaders of healthcare simulation support in the United Kingdom.

Key Event Info: Mercure Grand Hotel Bristol, UK Nov. 15th-17th 2016

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