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Virtual Medical Simulation Producer

April 20, 2021
4242 Six Forks Road, Suite 1550 Raleigh, NC. 27609, Raleigh, North Carolina
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Pro-ficiency is a rapidly growing market leader that seeks a Virtual Medical
Simulation Producer (VSP) to join our amazing team of seasoned professionals. We are a company that is making a difference in improving the human condition and having fun doing it. The VPS leads a team of talented simulation and medical experts to coordinate the writing and construction of Pro-ficiency training simulations for the clinical trials industry.

Pro-ficiency is raising the bar on what can be achieved in clinical trials training. We are the first company to commercialize human performance management technology for this vital industry. Your work here contributes to the cutting edge of medical research - the field that has done the most to improve the quality of life of human beings. Our company is hot, it’s growing fast and we are taking the market by storm. We need a highly experienced manager with excellent writing and story construction skills to lead the development of Pro-ficiency simulations.

Our simulations are composed of 100-130 short videos that our unique software combines together in a choose-your-own-adventure style approach that adapts the needs of each user, identifying and remediating specific skill gaps to correct for problems before they cause problems with real subjects or other operational issues in multi million dollar clinical trials. Clinical trial content is often dry, and it requires tremendous creativity to envision ways to make it interesting and engaging for our users (investigators/physicians and nurses/study coordinators and Clinical Research Associates or CRAs). We are good at this, and our creativity and technology are just two of the reasons why we are winning in the clinical trial space.


Watch these links to learn more about Pro-ficiency, what we do:

Pro-ficiency Brief Intro Video ⇛ https://vimeo.com/531949162
What we learned from NASA ⇛ https://vimeo.com/user74223754/pro-ficiency
Your Study is Like a 747 ⇛ https://vimeo.com/397509316
Pro-ficiency VR Beta ⇛ https://vimeo.com/480916843/6fe316780c

Watch this presentation by Founder/President, Dave Hadden ⇛

Interviews ⇛ https://vimeo.com/394506662
Video Proposal Template ⇛ https://vimeo.com/536092007/cc4408665a
3D Content ⇛ https://vimeo.com/522360208/87e6128f3d PW = HLO2021


High-Level Attributes
● 5 years+ experience in all aspects of medical simulation development
● CREATIVITY. Our sims are beautiful, the best in the industry by a wide
margin; We want that margin to grow, not shrink
● Experience with managing simulation centers (physical or virtual)
● Strong leadership skills
● Strong writing skills
● Working knowledge of medical concepts and medicalese
● Expert in adult learning
● Knowledge of and interest in evolving technologies
● Experience with standardized patients
● Process Improvement focused
● Team oriented, this is a leadership role

● Medical or clinical experience a plus but not necessary
● Clinical Research experience and an understanding of the drug and
device development process a plus but not necessary
● Power-user, we are a Mac and Google Suite shop
● You will continuously recruit and develop your writing and simulation
production team
● Experience with budget management


Pro-ficiency is a fun, creative and rewarding work environment. Our company is experiencing rapid growth. Our customers are multi-billion dollar pharmaceutical companies and we are helping them improve their clinical trial process. We are offering great benefits, stock options, etc. However, this industry is pretty much one strike you’re out. We always hit out deadlines and sometimes this requires long hours. To compensate, we offer abundant Paid Time Off, and we’ll want you to take it! Your creative mind needs rest and relaxation to work at its best.



The VPS manages the team to write and produce virtual simulation experiences that model the types of challenges that clinical trial investigators and staff face in the conduct of clinical trials. This involves working with Pharmaceutical Sponsors, Medical Device companies and Contract Research Organizations (CROs) to capture training needs and requirements, develop critical decisions, write scripts as well as manage teams of writers, work with the Project Management Organization (PMO) to manage deadlines and dependencies, work with the video and #D production team, work with QA and analyze performance metrics on deployed programs and communicate with the Chief Learning Officer.

It is worth noting that we work in an FDA regulated industry, and as such are
required to comply with rigorous SOPs, Process and Performance/Quality


Required Minimum Qualifications:

Bachelor’s level of education, minimum of 2 years simulation development/management experience, ability to demonstrate strong attention to detail and organizational skills, ability to demonstrate competency of medical simulation tasks, and competency with use of Google Drive and online task management platforms (Wrike).


More Links
Simulation Case examples (introduction videos only):
Marco ⇛ https://vimeo.com/536877123/55be794146
James ⇛ https://vimeo.com/479191466/af9d513cf6
Alzheimers Case Example ⇛ https://vimeo.com/479191398/5aa7201bc3
Chart Review ⇛ https://vimeo.com/479191343/28784c42f1
Jeff ⇛ https://vimeo.com/479191326/7d95a32084
Insulin ⇛ https://vimeo.com/323800990
Dealer Case Example ⇛ https://vimeo.com/460495793/bcca50fe09