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Simulation Team Leader, Western Team

Best Practice Medicine
October 21, 2020
600 Windmill Drive, Suite B, United States of America
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Are you a Paramedic, APC, Physician, Nurse or AEMT who is reaching that point in your career where you are ready for a new challenge, a way to continue your passion for patient care with like-minded, high-performing peers, making an impact in the world? Are you that special someone to join our team of clinicians who loves small team dynamics, thrives in autonomous environments, grooves on pushing the envelope, unapologetically champions good decision making and is ready to be a part of changing the world? You will do this—and more—as a Simulation Team Leader (STL) based in the Flathead region of Montana, more specifically, Columbia Falls minutes from Glacier National Park in Northwestern Montana.


About Best Practice Medicine

We do three things:

  1. Operate the world's largest and only accredited mobile high fidelity simulation team.
  2. Educate and train EMS providers, newbies and veterans.
  3. Provide novel EMS based clinical staffing solutions in austere environments.


We were founded by a small team of clinicians in 2015 who were tired of seeing good caregivers make bad decisions every day that harmed people simply because they lacked access to realistic, meaningful, timely education in current best practices. 



Guarantee the health and safety of clinicians and their patients in time-sensitive decisions, especially high risk, low frequency, non-discretionary time emergencies. 


Where we are going 

We have a plan. By the the year 2030:

  • We will affect the care 10 millions patients a year thru clinicians who train with us
  • We will be ranked number one business to work for in America by Forbes
  • We will operate campuses in ten states 
  • We will field a full-time team of 138 of the best and brightest people
  • We will generate an annual revenue of 30 million


About you and the role

You will be in good company and have mentorship from two other Simulation Team Leaders. Three world-class teams across the state who are responsible for the seamless delivery of high fidelity mobile simulation, serving 147,000 square miles and over 10,000 clinicians of Montana and beyond. You will spend about half your time building relationships with clients at hospitals, 

EMS agencies, health education programs and other simulation stakeholders. By learning about them and their program’s specific challenges, you will work as a colleague to craft purpose-built, customized simulation-based education solutions to serve them. The rest of your time will be focused on managing your small team of clinical educators and leading the delivery of mind-blowing, experiential simulation-based learners of all disciplines, experience levels, and hair colors. 

As an emerging and exciting subspecialty of medicine, we recognize that you may be an ideal candidate for this role, but may have limited or possibly no experience with high fidelity simulation. While we certainly prefer you to have a deep understanding of simulation, our program is designed to mentor you into a world class simulation expert, regardless of your experience level. In other words, we know how to build a great simulationist; we need you to have a diverse clinical background and align first and foremost with our core values.


 What you will do


  • Manage a team of 3-5 specialized educators (crew chiefs and simulation specialists), providing leadership, mentorship and training


  • Create, grow, and nurture relationships with clients, learners and stakeholders


  • Lead by example an unwavering commitment to lifelong learning; you will continuously pursue the best practices in the delivery of  simulation based education 


  • Guarantee the effectiveness of the simulation team and alignment with core values, behaviors, best practices in simulation-based education, and SSH accreditation standards


  • Lead sales and marketing role for the assigned catchment area. Primarily responsible for selling new and continued services to clients and identifying programmatic opportunities in the local area and beyond

  • Drive the leadership of the Western Team overseeing all scheduling of events, equipment oversight, creation and delivery of learning modules, and curriculum development

  • Provide enhanced delivery of education through technological developments, learner feedback, and continuing professional development


What you bring as a top candidate 

  • 10+ years clinical practice experience 
  • 10+ years clinical education experience 
  • 5+ years high fidelity simulation experience
  • 3+ years Leadership / Management experience 
  • Current multi-discipline instructor ratings (ACLS, PALS etc…)
  • Clinical experience multiple models of care, i/e hospital based EMS, fire based EMS, private service EMS, air ambulance etc…
  • Formal training in simulation based education with a CHSE or CHSO certification
  • The heart of a learner


What you must have to apply

  • 10+ years clinical practice experience
  • 3+ years education experience
  • Strong technical knowledge and experience with project management
  • A desire to get er done


In your first year with us, you will

  • Successfully complete the simulation specialist apprenticeship
  • Successfully complete the crew chief apprenticeship 
  • Successfully complete the Simulation Team Leader apprenticeship
  • Obtain your CDL class B license (if you don’t already have one)
  • Qualify as a Certified Healthcare Simulation Expert (CHSE)

Full-Time Employee Benefits

  • Medical insurance paid by BPM
  • Dental and vision insurance available 
  • Annual 20-days paid time off plus the week between Christmas and New Years (that’s four weeks for “powder flu,” fishing days, however you’d like...relax and take care of you)
  • Paid Federal Holidays 

(For those of you following at home, that’s more than six weeks we pay you NOT to work.)

  • IRA match benefit available after one-year
  • Cell phone stipend because we know you’ll be on your phone a lot
  • Well-behaved canine friendly, just pick up the poop
    • The occasional adult beverage as needed or desired


    Our Values

    Best Practice Medicine hires, fires, rewards, disciplines, and promotes around our core values. They are what we practice every day. You at your core will resonate with these values and display them as a member of the team from your very first day!


    Positive Energy

    The science of positivity is irrefutable. We cultivate and are responsible for positive energy and attitudes with fun, never take ourselves too seriously, and we notice the good, especially when it’s scarce. 


    Learner and Learning First

    We are relentless in putting the act of learning first, for ourselves, our team and our clients and their learners.


    Can-Do Fighting Spirit

    We specialize in the challenging, the difficult and the impossible. We are by our nature problem solvers, trailblazers, inventors, innovators, and envelope pushers. Our constant curiosity pushes us to ask questions and keep going until the job is done. 


    Radical Support

    We believe the purest form of compassion and kindness is support. We are more than helpful—we are radically supportive. When we recognize a member of our team our learners and clients need help, we rush to their sides and do not leave until the work is done. We sacrifice for others. 


    Fanatical Attention to Detail

    We make the complex simple by focusing on thoroughness, consistency, and the little things.