Simulation Specialist – Research Assistant

Mount Sinai Health System
September 21, 2018
United States
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Roles & Responsibilities:

Under the direction and supervision of the Simulation Center Medical Director, the simulation specialist-research assistant will provide assistance in the day-to-day operation and research activities of the center, provide technical and data management support for all simulation operations, including, but not limited to, course preparation, maintenance and repair of computerized mannequins (software and hardware), task trainers and related multimedia peripherals, data gathering and databases management.


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  • Assist in the overall day-to-day operation of the Center
  • Contribute in planning, setting goals, and preparation of reports
  • Assist with simulation orientation, training and provide collaborative feedback to CAMS Directors, faculty, fellows, and staff
  • Provide assistance and support to the faculty, fellows, and staff in carrying out research activities of the center including gathering , storing, retrieving, documenting, maintaining, organizing, and preparing research related data and reports.
  • Assist in gathering and documenting all simulation programs and or special projects’ results for reports preparation and dissemination.
  • Assist in identifying, assessing, recommending, procuring, and tracking equipment, technology software, and simulation-related needs of the Center
  • Provide support with general office duties and administrative as needed and when required.
  • Understand the use and operation of different simulator technologies ranging from anatomic models and task trainers to computer based simulation to full body high-fidelity patient simulators
  • Serve as simulator operator running pre-programmed scenarios with faculty instructors, assuring all equipment is set up for course programs.
  • Support/assist in role playing applications, props placement and moulage set-up.
  • Provide technical assistance, support and training to faculty, instructors and staff in the use of simulation equipment.
  • Assist in preparing and maintaining skills lab equipment, media, computers and materials related to simulation learning.
  • Assist with inventory of supplies and equipment and conducts routine inventory updates Provide recommendations for budgeting and purchase of equipment, supplies and materials.
  • Assist in conducting ongoing maintenance of all simulation equipment, including cleaning and repairing, assuring that all equipment is maintained in good working order at all times.
  • Assist in maintaining record of repairs required and completed.
  • Assist in working with the equipment manufacturers regarding equipment troubleshooting and system problems.
  • Assist in the operation and maintenance of audio/visual equipment.
  • Maintain current knowledge of simulation equipment catalogs and operation manuals.
  • Participate in technical training as necessary.
  • Collect data generated from training sessions and surveys conducted with the simulation center
  • Maintain ongoing databases in the simulation center and periodically provides reports to the simulation center medical director

Education Requirements:

Bachelor’s degree required or currently enrolled in an accredited baccalaureate program

Experience Requirements:

  • Broad knowledge of information technology skills (Microsoft word, Power Point, Excel) , internet search, computer technology operations and troubleshooting, technology hardware and software, audio-visual equipment, and social networking systems (i.e., Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, Instagram, etc.)
  • Healthcare background
  • Basic skills in  and willingness to learn the administration of clinical trials; recruitment and enrollment of research subjects
  • Technical writing skills for preparation of reports
  • Ability to analyze data and represent it graphically
  • Some experience in simulation-based education in healthcare preferred

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