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Simulation Operations Technician

California Health Sciences University
May 7, 2021
120 N Clovis Ave, Clovis, CA
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The Simulation Operations Technician is a position in healthcare simulation under the direction of the Simulation Center Director and Simulation Specialist, Operations.  This position provides support for all healthcare simulation operations and works closely with the CHSU Simulation Center team including medical faculty to ensure best practices in healthcare simulation are used to enhance student learning.  As a team member of the CHSU Simulation Center, this position provides essential technical and audio/visual support for healthcare simulation operations and technology including preparation, maintenance and repair of complex computerized systems and associated software, the operation of the data capture systems, related multimedia, and data collection. This position has responsibility for setup, breakdown, moulage, and programming of requested healthcare simulations.  The individual in this position must be able to communicate with diverse groups of faculty, staff, and community members. Must be detailed-oriented and articulate when communicating with vendors and services providers regarding complex issues and troubleshooting. The ideal candidate must be able to think critically, troubleshoot, identify problems, and take action to resolve issues in a fast-paced environment.

  • Partner with the CHSU Simulation Center team and medical faculty to develop healthcare simulation experiences that utilize state-of-the-art facility, equipment, and technology to achieve the educational goals and objectives of CHSU.
  • Assist the Simulation Center team in preparing and maintaining accreditation requirements.
  • Assist with the management of records and data within the CHSU Simulation Center including, but not limited to, equipment specifications and documentation.
  • Assist faculty, staff, and clients in all healthcare simulation events.
  • Assist with scheduling simulation activities and simulation center resources.
  • Prepare and apply moulage to standardized patients and simulators.
  • Contribute to the development of patient case scenarios, innovative education techniques, and use of equipment necessary for all simulated patient experiences.
  • Oversee equipment setup and breakdown including setting up patient simulators, task trainers, hospital equipment, supplies, and audiovisual equipment.
  • Responsible to oversee the preparation of documents, scenario setup boxes, and supplies for each healthcare simulation experience.
  • Assist in orientation of students, faculty, staff, and clients to the Simulation Center.
  • Assist with technology and simulation education best-practice training for faculty and staff, including safe simulation practices.
  • Contribute to the development of the CHSU Simulation Center policies, procedures, best practices, and process improvement.
  • Assist with tour and demonstrations in the Simulation Center.
  • Participate in healthcare simulation education training. Provide support to faculty and staff in the technical aspects of healthcare simulation within the simulation center.
  • Assist with programming, testing, and running healthcare simulation scenarios including equipment, manikins, and standardized patients.
  • Program simulator software changes and operate software during simulation activities, either without or with programed scenarios.
  • Provide audiovisual support for simulation experiences including equipment primarily used for live streaming and reviewing simulation activities, video production equipment, computer-based multimedia systems and their components, digital cameras, video cameras, audio/video mixer, and monitors.
    • Provide necessary assessment and maintenance of simulators and task trainers with regular cleaning and replacement of disposable parts including updates and emergency repair.
    • Troubleshoot electrical or networking issues (within warranty guidelines) including auditing and testing all healthcare simulation equipment and systems according to current specification requirements.
    • Assist with inventory management, ordering and record keeping of equipment, supplies and assets.
    • Collaborate with university information technology services to maintain simulation center technology (desktops, laptops, mobile devices) including maintenance and implementation within warranty guidelines.
    • Administration and operation of center management systems to record simulations, manage case information, collection and storage of simulation evaluations, track simulation use contact hours, and provide a summary report on center data and utilization.
    • Provide specialized technical support/maintenance for computer-based multimedia systems and their components, including operation of server infrastructure, digital cameras, video cameras, audio/video mixer, digital/analog converter, monitors, and medical equipment.
    • Provide technical support and maintenance for healthcare simulation technologies.
    • Assist with the management and installation of software and hardware upgrades.
    • Assist with the audit and testing of all healthcare simulation equipment and systems ensuring they run efficiently according to current specification requirements.
    • Maintain personal knowledge and expertise in the use and operation of healthcare simulation technologies.
    • Perform emergency repair of simulation equipment and systems, arranging for appropriate vendor repairs, replacements, and substitutions; maintain record of repairs.
    • Research, evaluate and recommend emerging technologies specific to simulation-based education equipment, task trainers, and simulators.


      • Associates Degree minimally required.
      • Bachelor’s Degree in a related field preferred.
      • Certified Healthcare Simulation Operations Specialist (CHSOS) preferred.
      • Demonstrated knowledge of medical terminology.
      • Demonstrated knowledge of human anatomy.
      • Demonstrated knowledge of human physiology.

      Skills & Experience:

      • Preferred clinical knowledge and experience working in a healthcare field such as allied health profession certification and training, Registered Nurse, Licensed Practical Nurse, Certified Nurse Assistant, Paramedic, Emergency Medical Technician, or equivalent demonstrated experience.
      • Preferred experience with setup, breakdown, moulage of healthcare simulations.
      • Preferred experience in assessing, troubleshooting, and repairing hardware, software, and equipment in an emergent manner
      • Ability to quickly learn new technology.
      • Preferred fundamental knowledge of computer hardware and software.
      • Preferred fundamental knowledge of data capture systems.
      • Preferred fundamental knowledge of audio/video equipment and software for recording, duplication, and editing.
      • Demonstrated fundamental computer skills in Microsoft applications including but not limited to Word, Excel, and PowerPoint.
      • Creative and flexible in designing innovative approaches to solving problems and improving processes.
      • Able to work under pressure.
      • Able to handle all situations with tact, professionalism, and diplomacy.
      • Excellent organizational and prioritization skills with attention to detail.
      • Able to express technical information clearly and simply to non-technical persons.
      • Regard personal development as a priority.
      • Maintain confidentiality regarding job assignment and sensitive issues.
      • Maintain a welcoming, supportive attitude toward all persons.
      • Ability to work independently under limited supervision.
      • Excellent interpersonal and communication skills
      • Able to work effectively in a team environment with internal and external individuals from different disciplines and different levels of training.


              CHSU offers a competitive benefits and compensation package. Salary is commensurate with experience.