Simulation Education Specialist

July 22, 2022
Remote Remote, Remote Remote United States
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(302) 562-2110


Job Description:
This role functions in the Education Department and is an integral part of our Customer Success
Team. You will have unique opportunities to provide customer support and educational services
with forward-thinking solutions that support simulationists and educators desiring to maximize
learning outcomes in a safe setting. Avkin is looking for passionate, innovative, dedicated team
members committed to teamwork, standards of best practice, personal and professional
growth, and improving simulation-based education. This position works to develop strong
customer relationships by providing technical and education support for product integration, and 
internal and external education initiatives, andcollaboratinge with all departments to achieve
shared goals.


Assist our customers with creative approaches and solutions that lead to meaningful
product integration.
Leadership and consultative support of new product development and supportive
educational services.
Establish and nurture customer relationships throughout the first yearpost-purchasee
including warranty, consumable sales, and lead development hand off tothe  solutions team.
Guide customers through the tech support process.
Provide essential technical and educational support to the internal team and external
Collect associated customer success data for analysis.
Provide on-site training and consultation (expect up to 15-20 percent travel).
Develop/present educational content for webinars, workshops, conferences, etc.
Create educational content as requested; blog posts, simulations, etc.

Job requirements:

Certified Healthcare Simulation Educator (CHSE) or CHSE-A (preferred)
Meet qualifications to obtain CHSE within 6 months of hire (required)
Simulation program degree or post-graduate certificate (preferred)
Simulation background (Simulation technician, simulation specialist, simulation operations
Clinical medical background experience with a concrete understanding of anatomy and
Knowledge of healthcare education programs and adult learning theory
Valid driver’s license in good standing (required)

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