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Director of Mobile Simulation

Best Practice Medicine
October 20, 2020
601 Haggerty Lane, Suite A, United States of America
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Are you the kind of person who loves managing a team, plotting world domination, marketing, technical troubleshooting, closing deals, sharing zen master wisdom, clinical education, coaching, and making a killer cup of coffee? Then this is your dream job. We are looking for a special someone to join our team of like-minded, envelope-pushing unicorns as the National Director of Mobile Simulation.


About Best Practice Medicine

Have you experienced good clinicians making mistakes that harm people simply because they lack access to realistic, meaningful, timely education? We have, and it pissed us off. In 2015 we got together to do something about it. 


Our purpose is to guarantee the health and safety of clinicians and their patients in time-sensitive decisions, especially high risk, low frequency, non-discretionary time emergencies. Join our team, and you will affect millions of critical decisions touching hundreds of thousands of people every year.


About you and the role 

Our high fidelity mobile medical simulation team is a core part of our business. It is staffed by a world-class team of clinical educators, technologists, and all-around badasses who deserve the very best from your experience as a leader, manager, and coach. First and foremost, you are skilled in managing and supporting large, dispersed teams of hard-charging people engaged in changing the world. Your role is instrumental in the execution of multiple simulation-based programs, projects, and contracts. 


What you will do:


  • Provide leadership and management consistent with Best Practice Medicine’s philosophies for the twenty-five member simulation team across Montana and beyond. 


  • Ensure the timely and within budget execution of all simulation-based contracts.


  • Advise the leadership team on strategic and tactical decisions using relevant, timely, and accurate data and reporting.


  • Responsible for continuous adherence, creation, updating, and implementation of new simulation risk mitigation and safety procedures. 


  • Accountable for all equipment, team members, and associated simulation assets movements and locations at all times.


  • Primary contact relationship with the Executive Director of Simulation in Motion, Montana (SIM-MT). Responsible for the execution of contract deliverables and budget adherence.


  • Responsible for supporting the Simulation Team Leaders (STLs) in managing accounts and accountable for the creation of new accounts in support of our 10-year vision.


What you bring:


  • Strong working knowledge of best practices and emerging trends in high fidelity simulation. 


  • Practical, school of hard knocks, experience in the scaling of a business or service line.


  • Experience with account management, technical support, and customer service.


  • Above-average emotional intelligence and verified history of successfully coaching individual leaders and team members.


  • Ability to think and communicate with a systems perspective. 


  • Impeccable visual, written & verbal communications skills with experience working on proposals, reports, SOPs, and presentations.


  • Ability to turn data points into compelling user insights and stories that you communicate in a simple and effective way to stakeholders.


  • 5+ years of experience as a manager


  • 5+ years of experience in high fidelity simulation


Full-Time Employee Benefits

  • Medical insurance paid by BPM
  • Dental and vision insurance available 
  • Annual 20-days paid time off plus the week between Christmas and New Years (that’s four weeks for “powder flu,” fishing days, however you’d like...relax and take care of you)
  • Paid Federal Holidays 

(For those of you following at home, that’s more than six weeks we pay you NOT to work.)

  • IRA match benefit available after one-year
  • Cell phone stipend because we know you’ll be on your phone a lot
  • Well-behaved canine friendly, just pick up the poop


Our Values

Best Practice Medicine hires, fires, rewards, disciplines, and promotes around our core values. They are what we practice every day. You at your core will resonate with these values and display them as a member of the team from your very first day!


Positive Energy

The science of positivity is irrefutable. We cultivate and are responsible for positive energy and attitudes with fun, never take ourselves too seriously, and we notice the good, especially when it’s scarce. 


Learner and Learning First

We are relentless in putting the act of learning first, for ourselves, our team and our clients and their learners.


Can-Do Fighting Spirit

We specialize in the challenging, the difficult and the impossible. We are by our nature problem solvers, trailblazers, inventors, innovators, and envelope pushers. Our constant curiosity pushes us to ask questions and keep going until the job is done. 


Radical Support

We believe the purest form of compassion and kindness is support. We are more than helpful—we are radically supportive. When we recognize a member of our team our learners and clients need help, we rush to their sides and do not leave until the work is done. We sacrifice for others. 


Fanatical Attention to Detail

We make the complex simple by focusing on thoroughness, consistency, and the little things.