December 26, 2016By Lance Baily

Brand-new Medical Simulation Centre in Canada Expected to Save Lives

Brand-new simulator centre expected to save lives

Image Credit: Kent Simmonds / CFJC Today KAMLOOPS

Happy Boxing Day Canada! CFJCToday recently reported on the launch of a new simulation center at the Royal Inland Hospital in Canada:

Through a very generous donation, two patient simulators have been given to the hospital, allowing both student nurses and doctors to practice routine and emergency exams. “We have two simulators,” said Tracy Canuel, Regional Knowledge Coordinator for Simulation. “We have one adult male and we have one pediatric simulator. They’re high-fidelity which means they’re controlled by a computer and they have heart sounds, breath sounds, they blink, can feel pulses.”

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“We take this very seriously,” said Dr. Steve Reid, a Family Practice Resident at Royal Inland Hospital. “We enter the room wearing hospital scrubs so we’re already mentally prepared for it being a very real situation. The room itself looks like a very authentic, typical patient room. It really feels like the real thing.” Simulators have become commonplace in many B.C. hospitals including Vancouver General Hospital and Kelowna General Hospital.

At RIH their computer-programmed patient costs $90,000 and can simulate almost any medical situation.”We’re running intubation practices, chest-tube insertion, point-of-care ultrasound,” said Dr.Reid.Every chest compression and insertion is instantly recorded into a database where it’s later analyzed by instructors.

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