August 30, 2011By Lance Baily

iSysGlobal Talks About Affordable Video Solutions

iSysGlobal helped to sponsor breakfast for the 110 participants of the Gathering of Technicians meeting at the Clinical Simulation Center of Las Vegas earlier this month.  I spent some time with David Ortolani from iSysGlobal to learn more about their Audio/Video systems.  Check out my video interview from the meeting:

iSysGlobal’s website explains the company “provides a complete, multi-camera, high-quality video and audio system that any facility can use to film, store and review medical simulations. Not only is the iSys solution affordable, but it is the best video simulation product in the marketplace.

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In addition to portability, ease of use and low cost, this solution makes the review and analysis of simulations a dream come true. Multiple camera angles and patient monitors may be simultaneously viewed from a single screen; likewise, multiple wireless microphones may be used and then isolated during playback so that each individual participant’s voice can be clearly heard.

iSysGlobal video

To ensure that the complete simulation experience is reviewable, we interface and integrate with “patient simulators.”Then, while professionals and students are reviewing filmed simulations, they will be able to see and hear the interaction of participants as well as view the synchronized feedback coming from patient simulators.”

Learn more about iSysGlobal and what they can do for your sim labs!

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