December 16, 2016By Lance Baily

Overcoming IT Issues for Your Healthcare Simulation Program – HealthySimAdmin Video Series Part 6

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Have you been watching the recently released HealthySimAdmin series sponsored by Laerdal, Pocket Nurse, and B-Line Medical? The recorded sessions covered administrative topics crucial for the success of your medical simulation program. Each session starts with a presentation from a leading expert and then finishes with a panel discussion by 10 simulation program administrators to help understand the opportunities from a range of diverse perspectives. So far we have covered:

Maximizing Efficiency of Daily Program Operations in Healthcare Simulation – Part 5

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Integrating Research Into Your Healthcare Simulation Program – Part 4

Clinical Educator Buy-In & Training for Healthcare Simulation – Part 3

Sim Program Funding Sources & Models – Part 2

Collaborative Simulation Program Development – Part 1

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Today’s episode focuses on Overcoming IT issues!

HealthySimAdmin Session Description:

While the methodology of medical simulation has expanded exponentially in clinical education programs around the world, the understanding of the technical requirements necessary to operate these labs has remained somewhat linear. James Cypert leads our discussion of IT issues and support structures. He will provide valuable insights that will help your program avoid short and long-term technical failures. This conversation will include considerations for manikin, audiovisual, network, and computer desktop/laptop hardware needs. Our expert panel will then join James to discuss topics related to operating this new technology including: pitfalls to avoid when designing a new simulation space, lab security and how to control access to sensitive information, the most commonly preventable IT issues, IT support models, maximizing and protecting IT staff time, documentation development and distribution, and currently available training resources. This session will also introduce us to the benefits and recommendations when hiring simulation and IT staff as well as gaining their input on simulation-based equipment purchases. We will also discuss the critical need to consider and develop a plan for technology refresh cycles. Audience question and answer period to follow lecture and panel discussion. This session will help us learn how to successfully navigate the technology support needs of managing medical simulation.

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