September 27, 2016By Lance Baily

Asia Pacific Simulation Alliance Seeks Virtual Simulation Experts

asia pacific simulation

The Asia Pacific Simulation Alliance (APSA) requires partners and specialist experts who are chosen based on excellence and relevance in the cutting edge of evolving simulation technologies, theories and applications.

If you are a user or developer of simulation, please consider this opportunity. Recent projects have included guidance on joint training spaces, governance, management, metrics and KPIs, staffing, scheduling, optimisation, equipment, electronic tracking of training results, eLearning, new methodologies, and technology solutions for new ways of training.

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The key motivator of the APSA Partnership Program is to bring concept to solution. With experience across a multidisciplinary arena, by offering a wealth of cutting edge simulation – technical, application and methodology know-how, we take the questions from concept to solution. The Alliance provides an independent brokerage service to bring the vendors to the customer following problem scoping and concept development. We want to generate more projects to the simulation industry and grow the access of underutilised facilities and centres.

The alliance brings specialists from diverse industries together to workshop a problem or series of issues often in the early phase of a procurement project. Partners will then assist with discovery and experimental research: prototype testing, design development, and technical scoping. The two main goals of APSA Partnership Program is to have:
· A multidisciplinary alliance of experts representing government, industry and academia; and
· A consortium of innovation centres and research facilities representing the Asia Pacific Region.

ROUND 2 – A multidisciplinary alliance of experts who will make a two year commitment from 1 December 2016. The Asia Pacific Simulation Alliance Virtual Solutions Centre seeks guidance from specialist experts to provide fresh insights and thinking on emerging or unfamiliar issues, respond to ideas, and supply high quality objective advice to support the decision-making processes of new potential simulation users.
Attached is a copy of the Role of the APSA Expert Panel Members

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