August 29, 2016By Lance Baily

New OMNI2 Simulator Control Tablet from Gaumard

gaumard simulator tablet

Check out this latest product release from Gaumard, which has recently also upgraded to a tablet to manage their simulator learning experiences:

OMNI 2 Simulation Made Easy The new OMNI 2 is an easy-to-use, wireless device interface designed to operate Gaumard patient simulators and skills trainers. It offers instructors the essential tools to drive simulation-based training sessions without the complexity of programming. Simply tap and go.

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OMNI 2 makes it easier than ever to drive scenarios, monitor performance, and capture participants’ actions for data-rich debriefing sessions. OMNI 2 is simple to operate with touchscreen controls and an intuitive layout that lets you manage physiological changes while remaining focused on the training. Put simply, it’s a frustration-free solution that works to complement your clinical know-how.


  • Wireless communication lets you move freely to better observe the action
  • Over 35 programmable vitals including: HR, ECG, RR, BP, SpO2, EtCO2, and more
  • One-touch vitals controls facilitate changes on-the-fly or trending over time


  • Monitor CPR quality metrics in real time to ensure quality
  • Supports optional virtual patient monitor for training assessment and decision-making skills
  • Monitor ventilation quality and its effectiveness on the patient


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  • Timestamped log records provider actions, vital signs changes, and notes to aid debriefing
  • Includes preprogrammed lists of common provider actions for easy tracking
  • Save and share session log for archiving and debriefing

Learn more at the OMNI2 Webpage

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