August 9, 2011By Lance Baily

100th Post! turns 100 strong!

HealthySim 100 posts has been operating for just over a year now and the response has been amazing! Fun statistics:

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  • 7,393 people have visited
  • 12,132 times to look at
  • 32,005 pages from over
  • 97 different countries!

Check out this map of the visitors to the website from around the world in the past year:

HealthySimulation World Map 2010 - 2011

Unique Visitors to

Looking at google analytics charts like these makes me smile!  Not a month goes by that I don’t look at the map and see where visitors from around the World have come from.  It’s a great feeling to think we are helping so many people on such a global scale!

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Lastly I thought I would link here back to a few of my favorite stories from the past year:

And there are so many more!  Thanks everyone for making such a joy for me!

Future of Robotics

Lastly to celebrate, here’s a really amazing collection of stories and photos about the state of Robotics from National Geographic!

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