August 8, 2016By Lance Baily

SimCentric Creates Ambience: Simulated Crowds for Virtual Trainers

ambience simcentric crowds simulation

The most realistic simulations will provide the most realistic training outcomes. That is why SimCentric has developed Ambience, a software add-on that allows virtual reality developers to attend crowds to their simulation training experiences.

About Ambience from SimCentric:

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The international defense industry has devoted thousands of hours and millions of dollars to building high-fidelity training environments. These “lifelike” environments often include geo-specific cities and towns to provide “realistic” military training.

But where are the people? Where are the cars? And where are the realistic patterns of life and urban clutter? You could be forgiven for thinking that all military operations take place in abandoned towns from “The Walking Dead”.

But as you know, they don’t. These operations often take place in busy and chaotic urban environments where people and vehicles behave in unpredictable ways. This is why the optimum training scenario must include a realistic pattern of life, and the ability to generate these living, breathing, vibrant environments quickly and efficiently.

To meet this systemic industry requirement, SimCentric has created the Ambience andAmbience Pro programs. These pattern-of-life programs enable a synthetic environment to be rapidly populated with thousands of people and hundreds of vehicles with just a few mouse clicks, all using existing environment avatars.

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Bring genuine realism to your environment with full control over population size, area, demographics, behaviors, reactions to events and speed of movement. Reflect social nuances with a single click to emulate western societies (movement along footpaths, crossing at designated areas) or developing nations (crossing at various locations, randomized oblique movements). Create larger groups to imitate rallies or protests; assign anger or curiosity to some or all avatars to reflect a population’s reaction to events or entities. With click and drop logic points you can reflect a population’s attraction to an arriving aid vehicle, avoidance of a concealed IED, or fleeing from an insurgent vehicle. Your imagination is the only limitation.

With your customized but autonomous population, you can now add hundreds of vehicles to add further realism to your virtual environment, all of which are de-conflicted with human movement. Select vehicle types, speed, movement, adherence to road laws, and radius of operation as you require.

Learn more on the SimCentric Ambience Webpage!

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