July 22, 2016By Lance Baily

CRAFT Virtual Learning Environment Provides Machine Learning Through Simulation

simulation training for machine shops

Working in heavy machine shops can obviously be a hazardous environment. Learning how to work in such spaces and properly use heavy machinery carefully in a simulated virtual reality environment makes a lot of sense. Craft, by video gaming company Little Chicken, provides this kind of safety training platform for craftsmanship.

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Craft is an innovative training platform for technical craftsmanship in metal, electrical and mechanical technologies. 3D virtual simulation or real-life equipment, combined with moodle integration and gamification elements, provides engaging, realistic and safe learning environments for professionals and students alike.

The Craft platform is a unique blend of expert knowledge training, gamified simulation technology, and engineering. Training operating staff by using the CRAFT creator-tool: let your experts build step-by-step procedural tests for the machines you use and introduce students to safety and operating procedures before they enter the workplace!

Learn more about CRAFT on the Little Chicken Website!

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