May 17, 2016By Lance Baily

Mimic Technologies Xperience Robotic Surgery Simulator Team Trainer – IMSH 2016 Video Interview

robotic surgery medical simulation trainer

At IMSH 2016 HealthySim interviewed Glenn Carstater Vice President of Domestic Sales at Mimic Technologies to learn more about their innovative Xperience Robotic Simulation Training System. Watch the video below to learn more and see the system in action:

About Mimic Technologies

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Mimic Technologies, founded in 2001, is a pioneer and leader in robotic surgery simulation and training. Our mission is to set the standard for simulation and training in medical robotics through visionary leadership, superior software, market leading hardware, and hands-on simulation training. With leading institutions, Mimic is developing next-generation learning tools and curricula to advance robotic surgery training and promote patient safety.

In 2007, Mimic unveiled the dV-Trainer, the first simulator to recreate the look and feel of the da Vinci Surgery System. In 2011, the da Vinci Skills Simulatorwas introduced, a virtual reality simulator for the da Vinci Si System jointly developed by Mimic and Intuitive Surgical.

About the Xperience Team Trainer

Bringing robotic surgery simulation and training to the first assistant. In the OR, cohesion between the console-side surgeon and first assistant is crucial. The best surgical teams anticipate one another’s movements. Routine tasks are executed crisply and efficiently.

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Xperience Team Trainer enables the robotic surgeon and first assistant to use simulation training when and where it’s most beneficial—outside of the OR.

How can the Xperience Team Trainer strengthen your robotics program?

  • Basic skills exercises develop the first assistant’s psychomotor skills and facilitate rehearsal of interaction with the console side surgeon
  • Virtual training for real-life situations in the OR help promote patient safety and mitigate risk for the institution
  • Team training allows for development of OR communication protocol in a safe simulation environment

MScore Skills Assessment:

The system also includes the opportunity to learn through the MScore proficiency-based skills assessment platform:

Objective skills assessment is critical in robotic surgery training. To measure a trainee’s level of proficiency, the dV-Trainer uses the comprehensive metrics and experienced surgeon data of Mimic’s MScore. It allows administrators to track performance and learning progress over time, personalize user accounts, create and share customized simulation curricula, manage courses, and export data for in-depth analysis.

Featuring data collected from more than 100 experienced surgeons with over 75 robotic cases completed, MScore assessment is based on expert mean and standard deviation data (similar to the FLS protocol) to facilitate credentialing and privileging. Users can choose between the new Proficiency Based System and the legacy Classic System; change proficiency baselines; and customize the scoring protocol to fit the needs of their institution.

Learn more about the Xperience Team Trainer on Mimic’s Website!

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