May 3, 2016By Lance Baily

Online ‘Simulation Week’ Promotes the Use of Healthcare Simulation – Learn & Share Today!

sim week

The annual online “Simulation Week” is in full affect! Check out hundreds of articles shared by the community and share your simulation story with a global audience. Organized by Simulation Australia, Sim Week promotes the use of healthcare simulation by sharing our community’s work with the whole world! This year SimWeek runs from Monday, May 2nd until Sunday May 8th. The week is a brilliant chance to promote all forms of simulation across our entire community, in our organizations, our institutions, our start-ups, our departments, our schools, our Universities and even our homes. It’s time to celebrate all things Sim, the wonderful accomplishments and our incredibly bright future.

You can find SimWeek online at and it is open to anyone to highlight their own innovative work through a news story, video or combined image and simulation message format. Pictures are critical to conveying the messages so don’t leave them out! The site is linked through to all of our social media platforms so your messages will have a vast audience. Information and examples on how to contribute online can be found by clicking here.

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Sim Week Events:

The Health Education and Training Institute, in partnership with the Southern NSW Local Health District, will be celebrating SimulationWeek with the staff of Batemans Bay Hospital and the local emergency services (Fire, Police, Ambulance and SES) with a sausage sizzle and open day of the Sister Alison Bush AO Mobile Simulation Centre. This SimWeek event will be on Tuesday 3 May at Batemans Bay Hospital from 10:00am until 2.00pm.

On Wednesday 4 May, the Flinders University Hexapod will be doing a demonstration at 3:00pm until 4.00pm, The Flinders Hexapod is a testing facility that is based on a Stewart-Gough platform (the mechanism that is used to produce the motion in a flight simulator). The test machine is able to simulate complex motion and measure the effect that motion has on various structures and/or people. There are a large number of research projects that are planned for the facility, which include the building, maritime, and aerospace industries.

If you would like your story “up in lights”, email it to [email protected]com so we can make you and Simulation a Star.

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Visit all this week!

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