February 22, 2016By Lance Baily

7 Useful Articles For Healthcare Champions


Today we share 7 articles that are relevant for simulation champions to consider, some of which are beyond the walls of our industry. Consider these insights:

  1. What Breathes and Bleeds but Doesn’t Suffer or Feel Pain? – Introduction to Syndaver and its synthetic tissue products (from LinkedIn)
  2. Austin lab, hospital partner to create new surgical tool – Seton Healthcare Family showed off the prototype of a new simulation task trainer that doctors are calling an innovation in the surgical suite.
  3. Train as you’re going to fight: The importance of Reality Based Training (LinkedIn)
  4. A Regional Sim Portfolio (LinkedIn) – Request to the community to create regional share hubs for simulation resources.
  5. Medical Simulation Theory: Canary In Mineshaft (LinkedIn)- Medical Simulators are often used in a similar manner to the Canary – to warn us of skills deficits in our students, or more commonly – our Teaching!
  6. Vision Disrupters: Virgin Wants to Change Education – “Experiential learning is much more likely to have an impact on young people, and is more enjoyable for both students and teachers.”
  7. The Best TED Talks of 2015 by Justin Bariso (LinkedIn) – Check out some highlight “must see” TED talks from you may have missed from 2015!

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