February 24, 2016By Lance Baily

Interact A/V Recording from Mangold Provides High Level Performance Analysis


At IMSH I ran into Mike Anzalone from Mangold, who gave me a brief rundown of Interact, an a/v recording an performance analysis system designed for a multitude of industries. The company Mangold International has over 25 years of experience as a pioneer in the development of professional software and system solutions for scientific research. From the beginning of development, INTERACT has turned into a number one leading software in professional recording and analysis of observational data for research institutions all over the globe. Mangold International is now a world class provider of complete observational lab systems for behavioral research based on core competence in the field of software development. Worldwide scientists are working successfully with Mangold International system solutions in a variety of research applications, including early child development, sport sciences, therapy and evaluation, teacher training, animal behavior and animal protection, and last but not least, product development in the automotive and aerospace industries.

Professional video analysis is much more than just jotting down observations Properly applied video analysis enables accelerated answers to complex research questions which could otherwise only be achieved at such great expense. INTERACT is the comprehensive software solution for qualitative and quantitative data analysis. Evaluate videos, audio, physiology and live observations all in one single software tool. Get extensive statistical results at your fingertips with INTERACT and find complex patterns in your data. Gain interesting insights on your observations that would have never been discovered without INTERACT.

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Mangold INTERACT The Professional Software for Observational Research

  • Live- and video observation in a single tool
  • Smooth and easy to use data collection process
  • Numerous data logging and coding options
  • Limitless transcription and annotation possibilities
  • Powerful data analysis for reliable results
  • For professional use in research and teaching

Pattern Software Module

P.a.t.t.e.r.n analyzes your data with a hierarchical agglomerative cluster algorithm to find hidden patterns at your fingertips. In this process a variety of parameters, such as ranking, duration and the relative position of values are taken into account.

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Learn more at the Mangold Interact Page

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