January 6, 2016By Lance Baily

Top 51 Medical Simulation Articles of 2015!

This comprehensive list covers the must-read powerful content HealthySimulation.com, the worlds most read medical simulation blog, delivered last year including key research announcements, must-have sim lab workflow templates, policy examples, new innovative products, patient safety news, and much more! If you are even a casual follower of simulation news this is the one “must read” article of the year!

51. Pocket Nurse & Omnicell Launch Education Tools for Simulated Medication Management Learn about this product mix designed to teach the inventory and safety control measures typically deployed in clinical care environments by utilizing hardware and software solutions built with the latest available technology.

50. The Future of Virtual Simulation and Training Presented by General Dynamics at I/ITSEC 2015

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49. New Paper: Human Factors in the Design of Medical Simulation Tools

48. Simulation Instruction and Management Certificate Program From Robert Morris University RISE Center

47. “Defining Excellence in Simulation” New Medical Simulation Book From SSH – 140 expert clinicians and educators contributed to this authoritative guide offering clear-cut definitions, recommendations and best practices for all types of simulation training programs.

46. Victorian Simulated Patient Network Website Provides Free Simulation Resources 

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45. First Ever Research Specific to Healthcare Simulation Technology Specialists Published This Month in SSH Journal

44. CAE Healthcare Increases Simulation Support With Upcoming Free Webinars

43. Serious Games for Serious Simulation, An In-depth Look at Combat Medic from Virtual Heroes – This serious game from the Orlando-based division of Advanced Research Associates helps prepare medical personnel to treat the top three causes of battlefield deaths.

42. Arizona State Board of Nursing Recommends Simulation – Based off the landmark NCSBN study, these recommendations go a long way towards solidifying the use of simulation in Arizona, which I am told will influence other States to follow suite.

41. Jenny Rudolph from Harvard’s Center for Medical Simulation Reminds Us ‘Excellent Debriefing is Invisible’ “When I watch or listen to interviews I’ve noticed something. In excellent interviews like in excellent debriefings, the questions and questioner seem to fade into the background and the story and ideas of the learner or interviewee stand out. Like good lighting in the theater, good debriefing and interviewing is not that noticeable.”

40. A Collection of 11 Medical Simulation “How To’s” – These are must read articles to help your healthcare simulation program grow!

39. Limbs & Things Releases New PROMPT Flex OB Task Trainer Consultant Obstetrician and Academic Clinical Lecturer in Obstetric Global Health, Dr. Joanna Crofts, said “The PROMPT Flex is an exciting development in birthing task trainers. Its realism, flexibility and versatility ensure it is a vital component of effective childbirth training.”

38. Dr. Kenneth Gilpin Shares Why Sometimes We Can Do More Harm Than Good Through Medical Simulation At SimGHOSTS Australia, Dr. Gilpin demonstrated how the aviation industry regularly examines simulation training for negative learning – which means that learners build unintended habits during the simulation exercise which they carry over to real life engagements – and why we need to in healthcare.

37. Dr. Carolyn Yucha Shares Why Staffing Sim Techs is #1 Priority for Healthcare Educational Administrators– Highlighting a national survey on Educause.edu of educational administrators, Carolyn shares the Top 10 IT Issues of 2015 that have direct implications for your simulation program.

36. SimGHOSTS USA Laerdal Sponsored Plenary session by Dr. Suzie Kardong-Edgren about “A New INACSL standard for Healthcare Simulation Technology Specialists Coming Out Soon”.

35. Gaumard Births Newborn ‘Tory’ Simulator at IMSH 2015  See photos and highlights of the “next gen” newborn and birthing manikins from Gaumard Scientific.

34. TeamSTEPPS Online Master Trainer CE Course Now Available for FREE – The “Team Strategies and Tools to Enhance Performance and Patient Safety” 2.0 Online Master Trainer Course consists of 11 modules, 8 of which offer continuing education (CE) credits.

33. Patient Audio Tapes Their Surgery & Doctor’s Words Cost Her Job — Should We Simulate Negative Coworker Behavior?

32. EMSIMCases Provides Free Emergency Medicine Simulation Scenarios, Templates and More – This is a must read website if your program is running ED scenarios!

31. ASPiH UK 2015 Brighton Opens With Keynotes on Value of Different Simulation Settings & Patient Experiences

30. “A Simulator Is Not A Strategy” – New Solutions From Laerdal and NLN

29. EMS SimulationIQ HQ – Learn more about the offices of this innovative company and the introduction they received to SimGHOST!

28. First Ever Practicum Week of Drexel University MS in Medical Simulation Program Deemed True Success

27. Boise State University Provides Healthcare Simulation Certificate Course This nine credit hour interprofessional program (3 courses, 3 credit hours each) offers a combination of two completely online courses and one hybrid course that includes a three day on-campus visit for an intensive training experience.

26. Boston Children’s Hospital ‘SIMPeds’ Program Provides Expanded Simulation Resources – Lead by Peter Weinstock MD, PhD, Anesthesia Chair in Pediatric Simulation Senior Associate in Critical Care Medicine Associate Professor at Harvard Medical School, SIMPeds has recently expanded its programs into a number of key areas encompassing the “SIMPeds Ecosystem”.

25. Helpful Thoughts on In Situ SimulationHere’s a helpful list of advantages, disadvantages, safety issues and tips, success strategies, and evidence for In Situ Simulation by the blogging team at Life in the Fast Lane.

24. 9 Articles Highlighting the Expansion of Medical Simulation – Learn how simulation continues to innovate healthcare education and training around the world.

23. Results: Measuring the Impact of Interprofessional Education (IPE) on Collaborative Practice and Patient Outcomes From Institute of Medicine – “What data and metrics are needed to evaluate the impact of IPE on individual, population, and system outcomes?” To answer this question, 47 individual sponsors requested that an IOM consensus committee be convened to examine the existing evidence on this complex issue and consider the potential design of future studies that could expand this evidence base.

22. Laerdal Launches New LLEAP Software To Customer Base – Do you own a mid or high-fidelity Laerdal manikin? If so you can now download their all-in-one operational software to run your different manikins.

21. SynDaver Labs Rejects $3M Investment On TV Show ‘Shark Tank’ – Unfortunately the TV show deal fell through after the episode aired. Watch the clip from the show and learn more about Syndaver‘s new plans to keep growing even without the “Shark” Robert Herjavec.

20. Level 3 Healthcare Provides State-of-the-Art Medical Simulation Center A/V System Design & Installation Are you about to build or renovate a new simulation space? I cannot emphasize enough the importance of hiring an audiovisual design team like L3HC who have previous experience working with medical simulation spaces!

19. Adopting New Technology in Healthcare Education: Tallahassee Community College’s Simulation Center Implements Electronic Health Records Enhancing Simulations – Simulation Program Manager Carla I. Dormeus, MS, EMT shares how the TCC Simulation program has increased technology integration and utilization over the past six year.

18. MedAffinity Electronic Health Records and Education: Keeping the Focus on Learning Healthcare – Guest writer Thomas Doyle MSN, RN shares his excitement for EHR in simulation in his review of MedAffinity.

17. Exclusive First Look of SimCapture X from B-Line Medical– In this exclusive interview, HealthySim gets a sneak peek of B-Line Medical‘s future SimCapture X platform!

16. Collaborative Caring: Stories & Reflections on Teamwork in Healthcare – This new book takes an unusual approach to the topic of teamwork. Editors Suzanne Gordon, Dr. David L. Feldman, and Dr. Michael Leonard have gathered fifty engaging first-person narratives provided by people from various health care professions.

15. First Ever Practicum Week of Drexel University MS in Medical Simulation Program Deemed True Success

14. HealthySimulation Youtube Channel Crosses 75,000 ViewsWatch hundreds of videos focusing on vendors, conferences, tutorials, and more from your healthcare simulation industry!

13. Free ECG Simulator Game – A great 6-second ECG Simulator game where healthcare learners can practice identifying one of 27 most common rhythms.

12. NCSBN Simulation Guidelines for Prelicensure Nursing Programs

11. HealthySimulation’s LinkedIn Group crosses 2,500 members! – Join your international peers to learn and share more about your simulation profession.

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Top Ten:

10. ‘Simulation Discomfiters’: The Anti-Champions Who Frustrate Our Programs – Discomfit was a word I had never heard before. It means “1. to make uneasy, confused, or embarrassed 2. to frustrate the plans or purpose of”. A discomfiter, therefore, is a person who makes things difficult, confusing, and embarrassing while frustrating the plans and purposes of a team. Learn who these folks are and how to get around them.

9. Simulation Technology Specialist Training SimGHOSTS 2015 Event Recaps:

8. IMSH 2015 Exhibit Hall Video Interviews Recap – In case you missed any of our video interviews from the International Meeting for Simulation in Healthcare (IMSH) 2015 New Orleans, here’s the complete list of all of them.

7. Free Vital Sign Simulator App Continues to Be Improved– Recently Jason Bowman at the ‘The Resuscitationist’ blog used the updated Vital Sign Simulator software to provide a long-distance SimWars competition.

6. When Simulation Goes Too Far, The Dangers Become Real. Here we cover military, fire service, hospital, and police simulations that have gone wrong — and what the dangers are for your program. Consider our crucial tips to prevent similar errors in your simulation lab.

5. Medical Simulation Job Listings Pages Looking for work? Need to fill a simulation job? Visit these pages for all the latest simulation job listings!

4. Simulation Use in Paramedic Education Research (SUPER): A Descriptive Study – The purpose of this research was to characterize the use of simulation in initial paramedic education programs in order assist stakeholders’ efforts to target educational initiatives and resources.

3. SimGHOSTS Launches New Online Certificate Training Courses – After two years of research and development, SimGHOSTS has started enrolling the first students in our new online courses! Taught by experienced simulation champions, these courses in IT and Healthcare related topics will increase your knowledge and skillsets required for your every day job. Future courses in audiovisual, education, simulation, and other domains are to be announced shortly.

2. Exclusive Video: How to Build an EMS Simulation Program – Sponsored by CAE Healthcare. Watch this exclusive HealthySim video shot at the Victor Valley Community College to learn how to build or expand your medical simulation program in austere non-classroom environments.

1. “Top 50” most read and shared medical simulation articles from 2014 – If you are looking for even more top medical simulation content this is where to head next!

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