January 8, 2016By Lance Baily

EHR Tutor Partners with Wallcur to Deliver Improved Simulated Medication Administration Training

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Heard from EHR Tutor this week about a new partnership between the company and Wallcur to improve the educational training of simulated medication administration!

EHR Tutor also sent us this whitepaper entitled “Preparing Nurses for Medication Administration with Realistic Simulation White Paper“, which you can download for free.

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About the White Paper:

A recent study found that in one nursing program, 25 percent of junior level students failed their first attempt when taking a medication administration exam (MAE).1 With additional simulation time, scores for students went up drastically on the MAE as compared to students who only had additional classroom and lecture time. With increasingly fewer clinical hours and limited access to electronic orders, student nurses get very little exposure to real life medication administration and are failing to learn key components of passing medications.

This paper will describe how you can improve students’ medication administration skills by creating a realistic simulation environment. Simulation suggestions include having access to an electronic charting system like EHR Tutor, and practice medications like Practi-Meds sold by Wallcur.


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EHR Tutor / Wallcur Press Release:

HR Tutor and Wallcur announce a new partnership that allows Wallcur products to be scanned within EHR Tutor’s electronic charting system for a realistic medication administration simulation for Nursing and Allied Health students.

After the NCSBN Simulation Study published in 2012, more Nursing schools are moving towards increased simulation hours in lieu of clinical hours. With increased lab time, it’s become imperative for simulated medication administration to be as realistic as possible. To mimic medication passes, students must review and analyze orders, verify allergies, physically choose and administer medications and chart each step of the process including barcode scanning of the patient and medication. Using a combination of EHR Tutor and Wallcur’s Practi-Meds, it’s now possible to do each step of the process with little to no setup for faculty and staff.

The Medication Administration Records (MAR) feature within EHR Tutor allows Simulation Lab Coordinators and Instructors to add orders for any medication used during lab hours. Adding an order automatically generates a barcode for both the medication and the patient which can be placed on practice medications and mannequins respectively.The recently announced integration with Wallcur Practi-Meds eliminates the need to print medication barcodes all together and will ultimately save Simulation Coordinators and Instructors valuable setup time. Now, faculty and staff can simply add an order for any Practi-Product and use the preprinted barcode on the corresponding Wallcur item.

Diane Yeager, Founder of EHR Tutor comments, “Simulation Lab Coordinators have very little time as it is to set up simulations and organize lab products. This new integration will allow Wallcur and EHR Tutor customers to use our MAR with no additional setup or purchase.”Wallcur’s Practi-Products include Practi-Oral Medications, Practi-Vials and Ampules, Practi-Transdermal Patches, and much more. All scannable barcodes now work with EHR Tutor’s barcode scanning capability.

Learn more about this partnership on the EHR Tutor Website today!

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