December 18, 2015By Lance Baily

Browser-Based Viewer for OpenSim — An Interview w/ Dr. Doug Maxwell

Wrapping up this week’s coverage of all things simulation on LinkedIn comes and interesting story from Kay McLennan, Ph.D. Professor of Practice of Tulane SCS Metaverse. Anyone interested in virtual education systems has to check out these great links!


I first learned about the U.S. Army Research Simulation and Training Technology Center (STTC) work on a browser-based viewer for OpenSim in a Hypergrid Business e-magazine article entitled “US Army working on browser-based viewer for OpenSim” (by Maria Korolov, October 23, 2015).  In turn, since an OpenSim browser-based viewer would be a game changer for the educators (like me) using this type of virtual world in our e-courses, I asked Dr. Doug Maxwell — a Science and Technology Manager at STTC — if he would answer a few more questions about his team’s work on a browser-based viewer (with the machinima video clip interview below).  Also, learn more about the Military Open Simulator Enterprise Strategy project or MOSES project/grid @ .

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Read the full article on LinkedIn and learn more about the simulation resources available on LinkedIn

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