June 17, 2011By Lance Baily

Drexel Moulage Session Sponsored by Pocket Nurse

This evening at the INACSL 2011 conference, Drexel University put on a great two hour intro session to moulage manikin makeup! The evening was sponsored by PocketNurse – the leading company for medical simulation supplies.  Over 100 participants learned how to easily create moulage burns, blisters and bruises! Everyone also went home with a free basic intro moulage kit and all the special effects makeup that they could carry!

This course was put on by Carol Okupniak and John Cornele whose top tips included:

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  1. Always test new makeup products on the underside of your brand of manikin’s skin.  In other words, flip over the neck or chest skin and test to make sure the makeup you are applying to your manikin will WASH OFF!
  2. The longer moulage is left on a manikin the harder it is to get off.
  3. Leave makeup stains overnight about 8″ away from a light source after rubbing benzoyl peroxide over the damaged areas.  Stains will wipe away no problem!
  4. You can get cheap makeup supplies the day after halloween at your local costume shop!

You can get the informative moulage course slides here!

Course Tutorial Videos coming shortly!

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