October 23, 2015By Lance Baily

Dr. Michelle Kelley Provides PASSH Plenary on Beyond CPR – Alternate Sim Scenarios to Enhance Performance

passh simulation confernece

The second plenary of day 2 at the Pacific Asia Simulation Society in Healthcare (PASSH) was provided by Dr. Michelle Kelley, Associate Professor and Director of Simulation at Curtin University Perth, who spoke on moving beyond CPR to consider alternate simulation scenarios to enhance performance and clinical judgement.

Michelle reminded us that simulation allows us to “put all the elements together, not just the what of clinical learning but the how for clinical performance”. Michelle provided a plethora of practices which enable educators to improve learning outcomes through simulation.

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One such example was modeling practice, where a nursing instructor provides poor communication to a mother and her pregnant teenage daughter. The learners are in another room, and not engaging with any simulated manikins. At first poor communication methods are provided, and after debriefing, good communication techniques are shown allowing the students to watch the stark differences. Further in the simulation lab, the students themselves are provided the opportunity to engage with the same standardized patients to practice the skills previously demonstrated.

Michelle shared that the research shows that the number one ranking of what matter most in simulation learning for students is the facilitated debriefing. What was fascinating in her talk was the presentation of a number of standardized patient actors to provide educational opportunities for nursing students primarily designed for communication practice training. Immobile simulated manikins were absent from the advanced simulations, where use of SPs powerfully demonstrated the increased fidelity of real live engagements.



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