October 21, 2015By Lance Baily

SMI Eye Tracking Glasses Now Come With Smart Recorder

healthcare simulation eye tracking

I can’t think of a better way to experience the thinking of a healthcare simulation learner than by being able to watch their direct perspective and exact eye movement in real-time during the event recording. Yet, this technology has not yet been widely adopted by our community. Having personally tried on the Eye Tracking Glasses from SMI I can attest to the high quality opportunities inherent with the system. (Read HealthySim’s first article about the SMI system here). Now comes word that there is a New Smart Recorder to further empower simulation and research experiences.

New Smart Recorder for SMI Eye Tracking Glasses

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SMI connects a mobile eye tracking tool to daily research scenarios by introducing a slim and lightweight smart recorder for its proven SMI Eye Tracking Glasses :

  • Slim smart recorder for more freedom of movement
  • Mobile connectivity to synchronize biometrics and other data
  • Wireless SDK for live data access and trigger support

What Can We Use Eye Tracking For?

Did the learner get tunnel vision when too many stressors took away their attention and miss a critical vital sign or other patient indicator? How was the procedure specifically performed? Was a key indicator missed completely? There is so much “story” that we can gain from the “thousands of pictures” worth “millions of words” when it comes to the learner’s personal first person perspective. Research or not, this technology will one day be standard in simulation lab debriefing systems. (B-Line Medical was the first to integrate the Google glass into their SimCapture system).

Also consider the implications for communication. Recently researchers at the Max Planck Institute for Psycholinguistics used SMI Eye Tracking Glasses to look into the turn-taking during a spontaneous three-person conversation. In particular, they were interested in the gaze behavior of an unaddressed participant while the other two are engaged in a conversation.

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Learn more about the SMI Eye Tracking System and New Recorder on the SMI website!

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