October 14, 2015By Lance Baily

OSSim Provides Orthopedic Open Surgery Simulator Sim-K

sim k

Today I learned of OSSim Technologies based out of Canada which earlier this year released a groundbreaking Orthopedic Open Surgery Simulator called the Sim-K. Have you trained on this device yet?

OSSim Technologies was founded in 2013 by experienced and seasoned engineers and strives to better train orthopedic surgeons, and aims to become a major reference in the virtual reality simulator market.

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About the Sim-K

The Sim-K is the next generation virtual reality simulator designed for the training of medical students and orthopedic residents. The device currently enables simulation training for the total knee replacement procedure and practice of surgical skills as bone drilling and sawing. With Sim-K, medical students train and focus on their basic surgical skills effectively — without risk to patients and hospital daily constraints. Different surgical cases are available and surgery procedures can be trained several times — before entering the stressful OR!

Sim-K Features

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Experience of real-time haptic feed-back (applied force and resistance). Allows handling and manipulation of handheld drill and saw units. Allows practice of drilling and sawing on different shapes and materials, including bones. Allows practice of the total knee replacement procedure including intervention-based tasks (such as drilling and sawing). Allows tracking of total tools movement (precision, orientation, amplitude, depth), applied forces and tasks completion time. Performing software adaptable to training agenda and curriculum.

For more on the Sim-K, check out the article about the device in MedSim Magazine and visit their website!

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