June 6, 2011By Lance Baily

Sim Center Video of the Week: UA's ASTEC

Arizona Simulation Technology and Education Center also has a great video explaining the benefits of taking SimNewB on the road to train clinicians in pediatric emergencies.

The Arizona Simulation Technology and Education Center (ASTEC) at The University of Arizona College of Medicine provides innovative collaborative learning opportunities for new students and seasoned practitioners alike, who learn, practice and assess their understanding of procedures in a high-tech, realistically simulated environment.

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While medicine and technology have advanced rapidly over the past decades, the approach to medical education has remained largely unchanged for more than 100 years.

ASTEC is on the forefront of an exciting effort to transform medical training and reduce medical errors. As part of the UA College of Medicine, the center is committed to the creation, teaching and practice of the medicine of tomorrow.”

Learn more about ASTEC through their website and sim center tour at their website: University of Arizona: ASTEC.

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