September 28, 2015By Lance Baily

University of Arizona Medical Simulation Lab Allows Firefighters to Train for Mass Violence

fire fighter training simulated

Last week KTAR news out of Arizona reported on Fire Fighter training taking place at the Center for Simulation and Innovation at the University of Arizona College of Medicine – Phoenix. The scenario? Mass casualty shooter incidents. As horrendous as these events are to consider, simulation provides all civil service professionals with a way to train for the unthinkable. Does your simulation program have scenarios designed to teach the challenges of multiple victim gunshot wounds?

KTAR Article Except:

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“Phillips was part of a group of firefighters receiving paramedic training recently through the lab, practicing on mannequins that simulate gunshot and knife wounds, collapsed lungs and more.

In light of recent violent events nationally, the Phoenix Fire Department wants each of its 1,600 firefighters to go through a mass violence simulation, said Austin Moreland, a firefighter/paramedic who helped lead the session. “It’s definitely a sign of the times that it’s becoming to where everyone needs to be prepared to be able to manage and be able to mitigate an incident like this at any time,” he said.

They’ll do that using simulation mannequins created to offer a realistic experience with medical emergencies. “Our management came up with the decision that we want to implement the tactical emergency casualty care guidelines that are now national guidelines that talk about how to deal with mass casualty incidents and shooter incidents,” said Joel Stevenson a firefighter/paramedic who also led the simulation training.”

Read the full KTAR news article here and let us know about your similar training!

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