September 17, 2015By Lance Baily

Interview with University of Saskatchewan Sim Tech Malcolm White

simulation technician

The University of Saskatchewan media team say down with Healthcare Simulation Technology Specialist Malcolm White this week to learn more about his responsibilities as a Sim Tech. Have you encouraged your institutions journalism, media, and PR department to swing by your sim lab lately? You never know when free press may queue in an anonymous donor!

UoS Article Excerpt:

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“Malcolm Whyte wears many, many hats.

As a simulation technology specialist, he recreates medical and clinical scenarios for health science students in the interprofessional Clinical Learning Resource Centre (CLRC). This requires a delicate, tactful mix of skills and knowledge, ranging from information technology and audio/ video to health care, education and theatrics.

“My day can go from putting makeup of a burn on a mannequin to setting up the medical scenario and getting supplies ready to scripting out what we’re going to say and programming a mannequin,” he said.

In total, he manages about 30 mannequins, which are used at distributed learning sites across the province. But these mannequins are no dummies. The most realistic, or high-fidelity, mannequins can be programmed to speak, bleed, sweat, blink, seize and respond physiologically to medical intervention. “They’re basically advanced computers with arms and legs,” he said. “They have different parts in them that mimic us.” “

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