August 14, 2015By Lance Baily

Ultrasound Simulator from Schallware

ultrasound simulator from schallware

Today while exploring medical simulation vendors I came across Schallware’s Ultrasound Simulator. Schallware was founded in Berlin in 2001 and came out of the Medical High School of Hannover.

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“The Schallware Ultrasound Simulator allows your doctors to practice ultrasound diagnostics just as under real conditions. Moving one of the four dummy transducers over the dummy torsos produces the exact B-scans of the selected case. Our exclusive lossless multi-volume re-slicing algorithm computes these B-scans in real-time from the actual patient scan data. The scan data are organized into thematic modules ranging from beginner to advanced difficulty. With two dummy torsos and four dummy transducers available, our system covers ultrasound diagnosis scenarios in the internal medicine, emergency, cardiology and gynaecology departments. The Core System includes one dummy torso, three modules and corresponding transducers. Various add-on modules are available from our continuously growing library produced by our affiliated clinics. Each module is served with a tutorial including documented patient cases.”

Simulator Features:

  • Real ultrasound data simulator, high resolution by free hand technology
  • Multivolumes to scan whole abdomen and sides
  • Focus on pathology database with over 200 cases
  • Any multivolume patient is acquired with own data
  • Continuum ultrasound volume with 3D segmentation objects
  • Loading of huge 3D original ultrasound data, multivolumes > 4GB
  • Fusion data window (MRI,CT), synchronized to ultrasound window -scan data is organized into thematic modules ranging from beginner to advanced difficulty
  • Tracking of probe movement and real time calculating of reslice B-image, M-Mode
  • Realistic non impression function for probe color doppler volumes, color doppler cineloops, spectral doppler images
  • Documentation: all cases are documented with patient history, remarks what to find in case for ultrasound diagnostic
  • Regions of interest with autonavigation (bubble in space), separated in anatomy and pathology -objects of interest, make visible segmented 3D objects
  • Easy submodule creation
  • Print function for findings report, as well pdf export
  • 2 years of guarantee
  • Yearly update of content 2 years on-site training of department members

Learn more at!

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